Marketing service lines through storytelling

Once upon a time

When the marketing team is brainstorming about how to promote hospital service lines, a key component of that is to load up on patient stories.  Even though people get online to do research, what they really want after any diagnosis is to know they are not alone.   That is why the successful patient testimonial is so powerful. Obviously, … [Read more...]

3 reasons to think about population health


As healthcare continues its shift from volume to a “value-based” reimbursement structure, hospitals and health systems are rethinking population health, as they are increasingly responsible for patient care beyond institutional walls.   In fact, one of the stated goals for newly created accountable care organizations (ACOs) is to “improve … [Read more...]

Content marketing can differentiate your joint replacement surgery program


Although demand for joint replacement surgery continues to be robust, most healthcare marketers face saturated markets.  Orthopedics remains one of the top volume producers for hospitals and that trend is not expected to change – for example, knee replacement procedures alone are expected to grow to a staggering 3.48 million surgeries a year by … [Read more...]

Corrigan Partners Receives SWaM Certification for the State of Virginia


Corrigan Partners was recently certified as a Small, Women and Minority-owned Business (SWaM) by the Commonwealth of Virginia. This means we now have the ability to bring our expertise in marketing, public relations, social networking, SEO and communications management to Virginia state government agencies. Our firm was founded in January 2010 … [Read more...]

Supreme Court Upholds Health Care Law


Today, the Supreme Court upheld the individual mandate to purchase health insurance, viewing the requirement as a tax.  We’ll leave it up to the legal experts to analyze the decision, and to the political experts to tell us what it means for the election. For hospital strategists and marketers, we try to take a broader, and more action-oriented … [Read more...]

Facebook Fizzle – Not What You Think


The big news in the business sector of late has been the Facebook IPO, which for now has been a disappointment.   Does that mean Facebook has peaked?  Not really.  Maybe on some level, this shows the market doesn’t view social media platforms as something new and exotic; rather, the lackluster response is an indicator of how mainstream they’ve … [Read more...]

Show us your Best Cinematography!


Last week, nominations were announced for the Academy Awards.  Cinematography is one those "artistic" categories that many overlook, but it's a lot like marketing.  How?  Let’s look beyond the standard technical definition of “lighting and camera choices.”  What makes a movie memorable?  Yes, a strong story and compelling performances are essential … [Read more...]

Get Ready for the Self-Directed Health Consumer


So this is Susan Lilly, recently "outed" on this blog as a breast cancer patient, and now, a survivor.  My experience over the past year has given me some fresh insight into trends that we've been talking about here at Corrigan Partners, most notably the rise of the self-directed health care consumer. After my diagnosis last spring (Stage 2, … [Read more...]