Facebook Fizzle – Not What You Think

The big news in the business sector of late has been the Facebook IPO, which for now has been a disappointment.   Does that mean Facebook has peaked?  Not really.  Maybe on some level, this shows the market doesn’t view social media platforms as something new and exotic; rather, the lackluster response is an indicator of how mainstream they’ve become.

Put another way the ‘Social Network’ is now just the ‘Network.’   This is not a bad thing!   As one blogger pointed out, Facebook  — and all of its cousins – are no longer disruptors.   They’re part of the mainstream conversation.

Thank goodness we don’t have to think of social media as ‘new and different’ anymore.  Now we know that ongoing two-way digital communication is essential to any modern organization that wants to engage with its various constituencies.  So don’t take your foot off the gas on your social media strategy – now, it’s synonymous with your marketing strategy.

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